Sweet naughtiness in Aix – my top three patisseries


It’s just too tempting….. I’ve tried to say no but life is short …… always!  Everyone needs to be naughty from time to time and I figure that an hour or two wandering the alleyways and picking my top spots for a sweet and sugary fix is allowed on the naughty list .   How can we know how good we are being if we are never naughty?     So here are my top three patisserie choices for you to indulge a little in Aix en Provence.


Sweet Patisseries of Aix



My number one is Weibel in the historic heart near the Place Richelme.  It’s a super chic and intimate tea house with patisseries and cakes to feast on over coffee or a stunning menu of Kusmi Teas (my favourite tea choice).  I enjoyed the millefeuille with a coffee and, on another occasion, a lemon tart with rose tea. My daughters loved the brioche with a white sticky glaze.   Oooooh yum!


The next cafe close to my heart is Tarte Tropieziene (click on here to read an earlier blog post).  This super sleek and stylish cafe has plenty of space to indulge in the glory of these oh so delicious cakes; I dare not say how many times I have been here……  This is the kids favourite by far!!


And finally Riederer…… a visual treat of food art……. every possible patisserie you can imagine and more………..  There are two in the town run by a famous patissier.  My guilty pleasure here was the chocolate cake …. oozing happiness.


Something else not to be missed around the town are Calissons;  a speciality of Aix en Provence they are little almond shaped biscuits made from a paste of ground almonds, candied melon and orange peel .  You can find them in most patisseries and Xmas is a special time to buy  (they make up one of the thirteen desserts which are traditionally eaten over Christmas).     Macaroons are another treat to buy in Aix.  Delicate and fluffy, with an intense flavour, you can choose from  salted caramel, orange confit, lemon and strawberry and the list goes on.  I recently discovered the macaroons of Caroline :  she has a little stall at the Place de Precheurs market as well as two shops.


If you have a spare hour or two try one or all three – let me know how it goes.  I was certainly satisfied…..









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  1. You have not been to Aix-en-Provence if you have not tried the tarte aux pommes from Chez Béchard.

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