The Scarf – my top French Accessory


My experiences with a scarf usually involve freezing temperatures – necessity rather than style!  Mum always says if you don’t wear a scarf on cold, damp days then you will surely catch a cold. After numerous chills and bugs I eventually added this item of clothing to my daily dress – winter only.  The scarf was usually a reliable M & S number – colourful and woolly – practical but not particularly stylish.  A Danish friend started to return back to London from holiday’s in Copenhagen with gorgeous large wrap-around scarves and I guess I took a little notice as I started to search around for something a little more glamorous……




Fast forward to nine months in France and how the tables have turned.  Yesterday I was sitting on the beach with my scarf close to hand in case of a little wind (the mistral wind that is, blowing on and off throughout the year – it’s a chilly wind, annoying in the winter and welcome in the summer). What has happened to me….I mean really….the beach!!!

In Aix en Provence and I suspect most of France the scarf is a trusty friend as much as an accessory all throughout the year for style, for comfort and for warmth.   It covers every outfit (and also a multitude of sins)!  Oh so chic, French women wear their scarves beautifully. A few simple manoeuvres et Voila!  c’est parfait!!!  It took me a little longer but now I think I have it…the look…the French look!!

Scarves are abundant here, every market and every store: every price, all shapes and sizes, colours and fabrics.  Now the summer is here there is a matching scarf for every bikini.  And it’s not just the women… the men are at it too.  I see the men arrive from other countries and its not long before they too are wearing them….. the French look!  It’s a stamp of approval saying I’m not just a tourist anymore.. I’ve moved on….. not a local yet but one step further towards it. As for me…well I’m just thrilled to have a new, reliable and  glamorous friend…my scarf!!!!!!


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