Into the blue of Provence…… a hint of summer


Feels like the start of summer here in Provence……… the light is incredible……. translucent…… and the blue sky is electrifying!  The region has started to warm up.  It started in early May – the chill of the early morning and evening has gone making way for a soft warm feeling.  Almond trees, cherry trees and soon the lavender.   The colours are vivid!   The mosquitoes are back!!  I’m feeling a little blue too; I can’t believe its getting closer to the time when I will return to England.  But first, the summer.  Aix en Provence is getting busy….. tourist buses are here and I realise that I was lucky enough to see Aix in the tranquil wintertime.    What a treat that was!  Not entirely sure how I feel…….. I’m excited to start my new blog in London but I won’t let this go….. My first home for the last year will again become my second home; time to save up for a little property in France one day.  In the meantime I’ll be visiting regularly to learn more about this wonderful, diverse region and pass it to you….. through my  Provence blog.  Thank you for continuing to follow it….

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  1. Beautiful Blog – Beautiful Photos – and very emotional – in the good way!! Thank you J. Love mx

    • thank you hon and thanks for supporting my blog….. I look forward to seeing you very soon and can’t wait to taste Mikala’s Kitchen Friday night food. In the meantime – maybe persuade you over here….?? jill

  2. Hello Jilly, what a wonderful website! You are very clever. I am just in the throws of trying to book my husband and I for a week in the south of france and came upon your website. I’m possibly booking a trip via french train services as i’m dying to travel by train. Ha ha, if i tell Frank about the flight and the Mistral winds, that will convince him we are going by train! I’ve been wanting to go to the Provençal region for many years, it looks gorgeous and your photographs and website are stunning!

    • Hello j, thank you for supporting my blog and for your kind comments. I am thrilled that you are enjoying it. Yes, I must confess that I travel backwards and forwards by train as I don’t like flying and I know that I have a choice. The mistral has been blowing over 50mph this week so book the train………..Please email me if you need advice on locations to visit. All best. jill cowdry

  3. What a lovely website. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will check back periodically.
    I’m an American, and my wife and I spend about 4-5 months a year in Aix. It is a magical place, and we so look forward to our time there.

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